It’s not about being anti-vaccine, it’s about making positive choices for the future of our children.
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Thimerosal (a vaccine preservative) contains mercury in the form of ethylmercury. Mercury is a known toxin and neurotoxin, and there is no debate about its toxicity, even in low doses.

We're pro-vaccine and anti-mercury

It's pro-vaccine to be anti-mercury

Removing mercury from vaccines will improve public confidence in vaccines

What the Contributors Have to Say

Excerpts from the book

Recommendations and Objectives

  • The immediate removal of Thimerosal—the known neurotoxin mercury-containing preservative—from all vaccines around the world.
  • Other safe and effective preservatives are available right now.
  • Our objective is to protect public health by stopping the unnecessary use of a known toxin in a vital public health program.
  • Reevaluation of multi-dose vials considering reports of 60% wastage and missed vaccination opportunities due to healthcare worker unwillingness to open 30-dose vials for just a few vaccinations.
  • Consideration of switching to single-dose vials, the use of 2-PE (an existing and safer alternative preservative), and research into new and different preservative options.

Did you know?

Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative that is still present in influenza vaccines that are given during pregnancy and to infants, children, and the entire population in the US. In other countries (especially developing countries), Thimerosal is used in many other types of vaccines as well.


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Remove Thimerosal from Our Vaccines

To whom it may concern,

"[I] request that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration take action to order the immediate suspension and the expedited revocation of all vaccines containing Thimerosal, now that Thimerosal-free vaccines are available. The United States should immediately remove from the market any vaccine that contains the mercury based preservative, Thimerosal."

"Currently every vaccine recommended for children is available without the preservative Thimerosal. Allowing Thimerosal-containing vaccines to remain in use, when Thimerosal-free versions are currently available, unnecessarily exposes American children to a heightened risk of serious adverse reactions. For these reasons, . . . Thimerosal-containing vaccines should be delicensed and removed from the market immediately." [1]

[1] Petition message excerpted from "Petition to Suspend Vaccines with Thimerosal," as submitted by Kathryn M. Williams, Co-founder and Vice-President, National Vaccine Information Center ( to the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration.


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(the active ingredient, in the form of ethylmercury, in Thimerosal)

Mercury is a known toxin and neurotoxin

Mercury is a dangerous metabolic poison

The safety of Thimerosal has never been demonstrated

Ethylmercury is not safer than methylmercury

Ethylmercury may leave the bloodstream quicker than methylmercury, but it gets stuck more stubbornly in the organs and brain.

Mercury has no physiological benefit whatsoever

Abundant scientific literature demonstrates a danger to brain and body from even low dose mercury exposure.

Ethylmercury was removed from agricultural products decades ago due to toxicity

A vial of vaccine with mercury-containing Thimerosal needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste, so we shouldn’t be injecting it into pregnant mothers and infants.

We don't need mercury in vaccines.

Removing a toxic substance from ingredients in a public health program is good for public health and taking mercury out of vaccines will improve the public perception of the vaccine program.

We have the ability to replace mercury with safer preservatives that do not expose the population to a known toxin.

It doesn’t make sense and it isn’t economical to save money on vaccine production and lose money on increased care for chronic illnesses and neurological disorders.

Book Overview

From New York Times bestselling author Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., comes a science-based call for the immediate removal of the dangerous mercury-containing preservative Thimerosal from vaccines.

Over a decade ago, following a sharp rise in developmental disorders such as autism and ADHD, the mercury-containing preservative Thimerosal was widely believed to have been eliminated from vaccine supplies in the United States and abroad. However, dangerous quantities of Thimerosal continue to be used, posing a significant threat to public health and leading to a crisis of faith in vaccine safety.

In this groundbreaking book, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., examines the research literature on Thimerosal and makes a very clear statement about its potentially dangerous effects. In the past, the CDC, FDA, NIH, and AAP, as well as the US Congress, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the US Department of Agriculture, the European Medicines Agency, and the California Environmental Protection Agency have expressed concerns over the use of Thimerosal in vaccines. But despite the many voices calling for action, the media and policy makers have repeatedly failed to adequately address the issue.

Now, with Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, the science supporting the elimination of this toxic chemical from the world’s vaccine supplies, and its replacement with already available safer alternatives, is all in one place. Making this change should increase vaccination rates by restoring the trust of concerned parents in the vaccine program—a program that is so vitally important to public health.

About the Contributors

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., JD, LLM, is senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, chief prosecuting attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper, and president of Waterkeeper Alliance. He was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success in helping restore the Hudson River, and he continues to fight for environmental issues across the Americas. He is the bestselling author of Crimes Against Nature.

Mark Hyman, MD, is chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine. In addition to being a practicing family physician, he has worked with the Clinton Global Initiative, the World Economic Forum, and many other organizations on global health issues. He is the author of several New York Times bestsellers including The Blood Sugar Solution and The UltraMind Solution.

Martha R. Herbert, PhD, MD, is an assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, a pediatric neuroscientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and an affiliate of the Harvard-MIT-MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.